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Share with us what’s going on in your area. Let us in on what you like to do for fun and entertainment! Even if its a church function or a simple meet and greet let us know what’s happening!

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What is a Cougar? I’m sure we have all heard this term before… It became very popular in the more recent movie “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”. An earlier movie would be “The Graduate”. Cougars are women 40 or older who exclusively pursue younger men, usually the minimum age difference is 10 years. The young men are usually young…

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People that are sexually active, no matter what your age, should always take precautions.  Now days, there are plenty different forms of protection against contracting STD’s and HIV. For instance, condoms used properly are the best way to protect against these infections. There are home STD and HIV Test Kits at local pharmacies and convenience stores to keep a check…

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Seniors Having Fun Life is still great at 50 and older! Scientists have found that people over 50 who know how to have fun are three times more likely to live long and healthy lives compared to boring people. Enjoying life can mean many things. Primarily, in my opinion, it simply means getting up, getting out and experiencing what you…

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Let’s face it…. If we want to live longer, we have to be more healthy! Nothing is more important in your later years. Here is a great article on keeping healthy. Its never too late to get in shape! Click HERE to read more.

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Questions about enjoying intimacy in your later years? Register today to hear from professionals and others just like you. What we need to know is what you want to know! Let’s Talk….   What about us? We are the forgotten ones as we age and if you don’t have any money you feel as if you might as well be dead. Especially, if you…

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